Who We Are


AKRAM FOUNDATION projects support all communities. We believe that people from underprivileged families have an equal right to a better life style.


  1. Support for necessary medicines required for critical illness and all other class of vaccinations and inculcations which are expensive in the market are provided free upon medical advice, our beneficiaries are great in numbers, therefore in this process we give priority to the small children. Special milk, food and vitamins required for infants are also provided by us.
  2. Organizing medical camps for needy people to get free medical treatment through specialized doctors and free medicines.


  1. Spectacles are supplied to people who are suffering from poor vision on having the eyes tested free of charge at the eye clinic held at our organization.
  2. We also organize blood donating camps in order to supply blood for the blood bank which is required for patients with serious diseases and emergency operations.
  3. We provideemergency assistance at the times of natural disasters as well.

  4. We provide micro finance loans and promote means to start a self-employment business supporting underprivileged families.


  1. Organizing religious and cultural programs for all the communities living in Sri Lanka.
  2. Helping religious institutions.
  3. Organizing encouraging programs for religious teachers.