MY Kids Club

MY Kids Club

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MY Kids Club was established in 2017 under the supervision of Vanitha Saviya Padanama with an objective of providing developmental education to children of all types irrespective of their school performance and abilities. This education is independent of school subjects but develops the capacity of the children to do well in school as well as in the life after school.

Kids Club adopts the philosophy of development of childhood by providing them:

  1. The capacity of improved interpersonal communication
  2. The scope of reading and writing to improve school activities
  3. Ability of enhanced psycho-social qualities
  4. The opportunity of to be creative and intelligent
  5. Appropriate empowering tools like, moral courage, patience, endurance and a sense of fare competition to prosper in the society

MY Kids Club offers an innovative model of developmental education that includes all types of children. The objective of this MY Kids Club is to generate healthy and prospective citizens of the nation. This initiative would not only create an environment of development, it would contribute to building up positive attitude of children towards various individual needs. Integration of child development programe and school education is complementary and mutually supportive to each other therefore, it is adopted in MY Kids Club.

Children of any age and ability are accepted for education. MY Kids Club is an institute for children not only for education but for their behavior modification, academic and non-academic skills development. Here, children learn to develop their reading, writing and numeric skills which helps them succeed in future education and quality citizenship.