School for the underprivileged Children

1. School for the underprivileged Children

a. Low income families are unable to provide educations to their children and force them to work on streets or just sit at home, with our vision we will provide education to these children so they can help themselves and their families for better lifestyle in the future.

b. Students under qualified for G.C.E. A/L can follow classes for I.T., technical or vocational studies so they don’t stagnate and able to move forward in education.

c. Students with talents in sports will be encouraged and supported for national and international level participations so they can represent the nation and pursue careers in the sport.

d. We aim to pursue international program from accredited Universities so our students will be able to get the highest level of proficiency in the trade they choose.

2. Opening more centers for English and which will cover each of D.S. divisions in the district by providing one center each of a division.

3. To increase the benefit of scholarship program up to 1500 children from the current 500 children only.
4. Increase Interest Free Loan Scheme for Women.

5. Open Pre-vocational classes for the children of low income families and youth and to find out solutions for unemployment.