Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Muhammad Akram


We have heard the saying that "Man's prime duty is to serve the mankind". Service concept is common for all races, all religions and all human beings. Service concept has been socialized in different facets and through different objectives, however, ultimate result should be a positive change for the benefit of all human beings.

I have started my life journey , in the Colombo city facing many challenges in a family gaining social experience and completed my education. During the period of my young age at 16, I had to face the difficulties in my family and had to find an employment for living. With dedication and enthusiasm, I carried out my duties with self confidence. Subsequently I started my own business and I put my future into the correct track. Today my organization has become a leading business organization in the society. I was born in Colombo and as a child from that date up to now, I have been living in Colombo and have gained much experience. I have seen from my own eyes and I have heard from my own ears the city life and many challenges faced and identified social and economical issues and priority was given to the education of children. I entered into to the social services 25 years back and after that my services were converted into social program for helping the education of children. I established the "Akram Trust Fund". I found within the Colombo city limits less professional are coming up among school children and reason behind this was economical difficulties of the city people. As a solution through Akram Trust Fund I helped the children who are skillful to study in low income families. I took steps to grant Akram Trust scholarships to them. This scholarship program in operation annually and it has became very successful and it was very close to the people at present and Akram Foundation was established to serve the helpless people and it was the inception of another continuous services to the people. Then and now Akram Foundation facing obstacles and difficulties and challenges came in a difficult path. The foundation planted buds then and today they have become huge trees and giving shelter to the Akram Foundation and foster the foundation. The objective of the "Vanitha Saviya" was to encourage the women folk who are in poverty and , " Colombo Youth Club " for the young generation who have no tomorrow to make them a brighter future and that is the strength of the Akram foundation.

In this effort with the commencement of awarding scholarships, specially identified different contemporary necessities of the school children. This program has become more and more close to the people today. In addition to offering scholarships, through the Computer Center of the Akram Foundation 2100 children have been provided computer education and we were able to endow computer science and information technology science to the school children. In order to to uplift the education of children concentrating several areas, English courses have been commenced and continuing. We are conducting seminars targeting Fifth Grade Scholarship examination, G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination and Advanced Level examination for candidates. Children who have economical difficulties are provided with school books, other necessities and uniforms. This is another community services provided by Akram foundation.

Through strengthening the women folk by "Vanitha Saviya" conducting self employment courses for them and giving them training and through the knowledge gained they are able to stand up with self strength and in this regard objective of the Akram Foudnation has come to reality today.

Without giving space for alcohol, drugs and other social misconduct to invade the young generation who have completed the education, disciplining them physically and mentally fit Akram Foundation together with the Colombo Youth Club has introduced many programs. Main objectives are targeting the youth who have not qualified for higher studies and conducting them Youth leadership courses, and professional training courses and guiding them for professional training courses and finding them employment opportunities.

Sri Lanka is a developing country with middle economy. Comparatively with the increasing of population, resources of the country are not developing and with the unlimited necessities of the people, there is no even basic requirements for most of them at present. As a social service organization Akram Foundation is based only on its own funds.

I believe and thoroughly satisfied with the services I have rendered to the people up to now. Further I believe that people will get together to make Akram Foundation a giant social service organization without having any racial, caste or religious disunity.

Thank you.

Mohamed Akram
Member of the Western Provincial Council
President - Akram foundation